It Only Took a Moment

Oh boy! Much better today! Even though my phone shut off during the night while charging again. Ugh. I did set the actual alarm clock just in case, good thing I did. This way I made it to my Pdoc appointment at 9am.

I really could go for a nap right now lol but nah…

You want to hear something really cool? Now I don’t use my phone while driving, if I need to check it or use it I have a bluetooth and I will use it at a stop light or sign. This morning my son called while I was at my appointment so I couldn’t answer besides we were ending the appointment anyway so I figured I’d call him when I got home because I forgot my bluetooth. Well, he texted me as I was pulling out of the parking lot so I figured it must be something important to him so when I got to the red light I checked my phone really quick, saw his message and took an extra moment to pop my phone on speaker and call him back. Then I realized the light had been green for a moment… lol oops… well that extra moment to call him back saved my bacon because there was this girl who came flying through the red light like a bat out of hell and if I didn’t take that time to call him back I would have been right in her path. Did I get freaked out? Nope. I just thanked the God/dess. Don’t ya know it happened again at another light? Not near as dramatic as the earlier one but I just sat there smh and smiling because I knew I was protected and blessed.

That was my morning… all before 9:30am.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila