Are You A Free Spirit Too?

I’m not the same person I was a few years ago. I’ve been called a Free Spirit, Hippie and Bohemian… more times than I can count lately. Circumstances have folded and molded me into a new me. Not really a “new” me lol but a me who understands more. I enjoy the little things more now and truly appreciate the beauty in things. All things. There is beauty in all things if you look for it.

Things like the peepers at night… that is my nighttime lullaby. I will miss it when they are gone and that will be soon because it is getting cooler and cooler at night. I listen to the evening symphony and try to pick out individual sounds until I fall asleep. 🙂

I am evolving. Growing as a person. I’m also more impatient meaning that deep inside I am longing for a change. A change is what I am getting. I am feeling more and more settled and relaxed in my new home. The worries and my wild imagination have calmed significantly. When they start clawing at my brain I remember that as bad as things were, they can be just as good. Things can’t stay bad forever but you can make them stay bad with the wrong attitude.

Why can’t we believe that things can go well for us? There is always that nagging thought of doom and gloom. In my case I should say that nagging thought of gloom and doom is a trigger to believe that things can be good, they can be really really good and while they are good I am to enjoy and appreciate the crap out if it!

It’s funny because my boyfriend calls me a free spirit all the time like it can be a bad thing… lol I take it as a compliment because after the past 5 years of hell, especially the last year… I have not lost my faith. In fact it has just grown stronger. (I did almost – almost – lose it at one point and that was bad.) My connection to The Universe is as strong as can be and I am enjoying the hell out of it. Between that connection and the piercing of my Shen Men points I am as calm as a cucumber.

Free Spirit. Hippie. Bohemian. I’ll take’em all. Until next time…

Blessed Be… Saila