Snow and Thunderstorms

I feel so blessed… this morning I woke to snow… it was snowing for a few hours before it started turning to sleet and then just rain. It’s a good day for multiple naps lol. I must say I took advantage! It’s nice to just do what my body wants or needs when I need to.

Later they are forecasting thunderstorms! I get snow and (the possibility of) thunderstorms in the same day! Another little blessing that meant a lot to me was I had enough coffee pods today for 2 cups! I could swear I only had enough for one last time I looked.

Here’s a random fact…

Just to think that in a year’s time I went from losing (almost) everything to gaining everything I need. From chaos to calm. I did it all myself, me, myself and my faith.

Just thought I’d share…

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila