Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Why is it that I can accept the bad and live through it but when things are going good… I get nervous and feel like I’m doing something wrong. There is absolutely no reason to think that either. Weird. Do you ever feel that way?

Why is it that I feel as if I deserve the bad but do not deserve the good? There has to be a reason somewhere locked away in my mind. Do I need to know the reason? Does there have to be a reason? No to both. I just have to retrain my mind to accept the fact that it’s about time I deserve the best.

If I want to sleep at 2 in the afternoon… I can. There is nothing wrong with that. If I want to go grocery shopping at 2 in the morning… I can. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

I don’t know… it’s so backwards lol. I think I will do some Reiki and relax in my new-found happiness.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila

Reiki Hand

5 thoughts on “Am I Doing Something Wrong?

  1. So glad you have decided to relax and enjoy being happy. So often it seems we focus on the struggles we are having instead of stretching out those times of joy!!

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