I went to a Psychic Halloween Fair on Sunday with Kiki. It was a really good one, very busy and a lot of crystals! So onto my new one… my Seraphinite Heart.

Seraphinite is also known as Serafina. It is a green stone with silvery feathers within the darker stone. It is sourced out of Siberia.

Placed on the third eye or meditated with, Seraphinite is a stone of spiritual enlightenment and is excellent for accessing self-healing. It is one of the crystals for making angelic connection and for opening the crown and higher chakras. This stone promotes living from the heart and has a gently cleansing effect on the heart chakra, opening to love.

Its feathery wings whisk you up to a high spiritual vibration and it is excellent for making journeys out of the body, protecting the physical body while you are gone. It can assist with reviewing the process of life and with identifying the changes needed to put you on the path to peace and fulfillment.

For healing, Seraphinite works best at a subtle level. It activated the spinal cord and its links to the etheric body, especially behind the heart, and can release muscle tension up into the neck. It is useful in overcoming chills and for promoting weight loss.

Place it on your third eye or heart, or under a pillow, or wear around the neck.

I’m thinking I will pop it in my pillow tonight after I cleanse it. Maybe these repetitive dreams I’ve been having will clarify for me so I can move on to something else in the dream world lol. Let it do its work while I am asleep. 🙂

Until next time… Blessed Samhain… Saila