Being In Between

I don’t particularly care to be in between. I’m me but I’m also melding. That’s right… a new altar is emerging. She is a combination of Missy and Diana for sure… maybe another or maybe not. I’m not sure yet. This is the way it works for me with a meld. It’s like crossed wires for a while. It’s uncomfortable because “I” don’t know what “I” want. Missy knows what she wants, Diana knows what she wants… but Tanya… may not like those things. This is The Watcher reporting here… just so you know.

Imagine having a craving for something, you have it, does not satisfy. Ugh… it’s frustrating. If the one who is having the craving for something isn’t up front enough, it doesn’t pay to try to satisfy it. I have to wait until this meld finalizes… I think I will know when it happens. I just hope it’s soon. lol

Melding is different than switching. Melding is just another word for integration. Little by little it’s happening. Diana was a meld. I don’t have the information on that right now but she was a meld. That’s a good thing. The more we meld, the less alters there will be. Maybe someday we will be one… maybe not. It’s ok either way because I have not known anything different that being a multiple so if it does happen, it best happen slowly so as not to send us over the edge lol…. Can you imagine a multiple just waking up and *poof* they are a single??? No way man. No way. Could you imagine a single waking up and *poof* they are a multiple? No way. Their head would explode for sure lol while mine would implode.

I don’t know… it’s a good thing I don’t work because trying to work when this is happening would be impossible. There are time gaps, could be hours or days. Time all blends together… thoughts skitter past so quickly that I can’t catch up. It’s frustrating. There was something I was supposed to do today but I totally spaced on it… first off, forgetting what day it was and second… idk what happened. So I sat with my bf and set up my calendar on my phone… added what I needed to. That will help… lol he said I’m doing it old school with my paper planner.

It’s hard but like I said, I don’t work so that is a blessing when this is happening. Anyway, until next time…

Blessed Be… The Watcher…

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