My Name is Tanya but Don’t Call Me That!

No, don’t call me by my name… unless I ask you to. Just (continue to) call me The Body’s legal name. It’s easier that way, isn’t it? Missy/Saila is a part of me now as well as Diana. They are both part of me. 2 major players combining forces. Pretty cool if you ask me. Different tho. Diana got us through that awful year of homelessness, when it was settling down some, Saila and Missy came to the rescue and handled the rest of it all.

Everyone is tired and that is why we have been getting so much sleep… yes, even tho we can be awake until after 3 or 4am we still manage to get 8 hours in. lol

It’s strange going by someone else’s name but that is what was agreed upon back when the name got changed legally. That it would not be changed again. We made sure it was plain and simple… a generic name to call a girl and alias spelled backwards lol. So that is what we all agreed on so that is what is.

I have to give a shout out to my friends who truly care and call me by my legal name even when they are not sure what to call us. lol. They know who they are. They are also the coveted few who will ask who they are talking to if they’re not sure without being afraid of insulting me. Just never ever call me by the old birth name… it feels like someone is ripping out my heart and filling the hole with acid. It just hurts and the ones that know that yet still use that name… it just hurts.

I guess that’s all for now… so…

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya