I was sitting here on the couch and all of a sudden I saw a flurry of white out the window. Coco saw it too. There were about 10-15 seagulls flying around the building. Some were coming so close that Coco thought they flew into the house lol. She was looking all around like a mad cat lol.

The weird thing is that there is no water really close to where I live. But there were so many gulls and the way they were flying was definitely to get attention. So I looked them up…


It’s time to take a different perspective on things. Take a moment and step back from everything that you are currently dealing with and look at it from a different angle. Your solution lies in changing your attitude towards the problem at hand. Soar above the drama and look through your own emotional boundaries so that you can find creative new ways to move forward. There is a clue in using the long hidden resources you already have.

Alternatively Seagull is reminding you that everything has a purpose and that there are currently many things in your life that need to be redefined and reassigned. Take a moment to sort through the clutter and let go of that which you can no longer use.

There is always opportunity in everything and it can be found in the most unlikely places. Things may seem a little barren and unproductive right now, however even the most unlikely places can bear an opportunity for your new resources. The point is to realize that you are in this place and time for a reason. Remain optimistic and know that this reason will be revealed. Trust your instincts and follow through.

Interesting but I think it was also a message from above saying have a great time on your trip! You should have seen them! It was amazing and beautiful. And I am thankful!

You just know when something is trying to get your attention and these birds were doing just that! If you want to read more on the Seagull click Here. If you want to investigate other spirit animals or totems click Here.

If you ask for signs you will get them!

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya

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