They’re from my Pops!

Remember the seagulls from the last post? Yes? No? Ok now that we’re all caught up… the gulls came back today. I was sitting watching the sun try to rise and shine through the cloud cover and I spotted a white streak fly past my window. Of course I got up and had to see if it was just one or the whole bunch again. The bunch.

I had the deep sense of my Pops so I asked if the gulls were a sign from him to let me know in a concrete way so I could be sure. A couple of hours or so went by and I had forgotten about the sign. I walked into the bedroom and hear this whistling… over and over and over… I finally said “Ugh I can’t stand that whistl…. OoOoooooh” You see my Pops used to whistle. He couldn’t sing for shit but he could whistle! So at that point I realized THAT was the sign!

It’s so cool because I need some love even if it can’t be in person. Family love. That’s not there for me anymore (it’s complicated and I’m ok with things now) and I don’t know why but it is what it is. I have others in my life that make up for that. Thank God/dess. They know who they are 😉

So, yes, the gulls are a message from my father… it is the best feeling. I look forward to seeing more of them!

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya

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