From Catamaran to Cat on my Arm

Well… if you’ve been following me you know that I was just on a cruise courtesy of my bff Kiki. We were on the Norwegian Gem. My first cruise ever and certainly not my last.


Yes, quite a beautiful ship. We left out of Manhattan, NY and set sail towards San Juan PR. We had a few sea days to explore what The Gem had to offer and she offered a lot… from our quiet balcony to the different dining venues and bars to shows and all sorts of fun!

Once we got to San Juan we went on a tour and saw the sights of Old San Juan as well as the capital building… which by the way is made of marble!!


After the tour Kiki and I went on to the beach and got some sun. The water had way too much of a rip current to actually go in past your knees, so that is as far as I went in lol.


After San Juan we were off to St. Thomas where we skipped across to St. John. There we found Cinnamon Bay which is my new happy place.


The waves were strong here as well, but not a rip tide like in PR. Once you got past the waves breaking you were in the swells just bouncing around!

After St. Thomas and St. John we were off to St. Maarten where Kiki was told about the “Best chocolate ever!” at a place called The Belgian Chocolate Box. Once this place starts delivering again… you MUST try it! It is the very best chocolate I ever ate! EVER!

After St. Maarten… oh I almost forgot, while we were there we went on a catamaran and snorkel tour! (See, I talk about that chocolate and forget about the snorkel lol) I had never snorkeled before and took to it like a fish to water lol. I did see some beautiful fish too as well as a sunken helicopter and submarine.

Now I can say after St. Maarten… lol… we were on to Tortola where we went on a tour called (what else?) Discover Tortola where we saw some of the most beautiful scenery from the mountains and shopped at some lovely little local shops and picked up some souvenirs.

After that we had a few more sea days then home again. We enjoyed great meals, karaoke, shows, the casino and the spa… omg the spa!!! This spa… wow! Check out the pics…

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Now imagine that pool rolling with bubbles… jets and bubbles everywhere! There are actually 2 hot tubs as well… one personal and one regular one. Those chairs you see… Oh My God! Those chairs are tile and heated!! I took more than one nap there lol. We used that spa every day we were at sea and on the last day we booked massages and mmm mmm good!!! Memories that will last a lifetime for sure! I have Kiki to thank for that and thank you isn’t near enough! ❤

Oh, and yes, L’il Miss Coco missed me terribly and is spending so much time with me!!!


Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila