Hi there! Today the subject is Squirrels. My friend had a dream about them and asked me to research it for her. So I figured Ah! Blog Post. I’m trying to write more but not necessarily being successful at it.

So Squirrels… Here is some information I got from Here.

Ground Squirrel:
Activity, gathering and preparedness, awareness, sociable, playful, people should do rather than watch, be active in life, are you planning for the future: time, money, energy? Ground Squirrel shows the timing of and the balance of activity and play. She demonstrates the art of “hibernating”. Is it time to slow down and remain quiet in order to be nourished with; what you have just learned, emotional and spiritual changes, and the hectic nature of daily life? Have you collected just enough or too much? Ground Squirrel teaches the art of exploration using tenacity and diligence to finish what has been started. Small steps are needed to invest in the future. She shows persistence, diligence, tenacity and sense of timing and awareness. Vocalizations warrant attention of your surroundings during the night and day; physical and spiritual, the conscious and un/subconscious. Listen and feel what is not being said. She shows a balance of ingesting protein with plants. It may be time to vary your diet by adding nuts, berries, seeds and fruits along with other plants. There is also an importance of taking naps and getting enough sleep. Ground Squirrels medicine spans about 30 days. Be aware of the several events and opportunities that are coming your way. You will “awaken” refreshed after you have learned her lessons.

What can I say that wasn’t said there? I believe that Ms. Squirrel is saying someone needs more balance in their life… more on the fun side. What about meditation in the form of coloring? I think that is a good idea. So…

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila