Believe it or Not!

I did what I did the other day ~ asking The Universe for help then grabbing my book and doing my thing ~ and would you believe I opened up to the same pages as then! Only difference this time was that the focus was on the other page. It was the page specifically for Archangel Gabriel!


“Dear Archangel Gabriel, thank you for giving me clear messages about [issue at hand] and for guiding and supporting me to be a clear messenger to help others as you do.”

Gabriel’s name means: “The strength of God”

Right now I need the strength of God. My [issue at hand] is very new, very raw and very personal and I need clear guidance fast… like tonight fast. So my angels are on notice lol. Well, it’s in their hands and whatever the outcome and whenever I get my moment of clarity I trust it will be for my highest good and at the right time. Anyway…

Until next time… Blessed Be… Melany

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