The Secrets of the Universe…

I’m using my angel book again and today came across Archangel Raziel for a message. I had to giggle because I was doing my usual… “is this really for me” thang and they also have little inspirational stories… Well guess what the girl’s name in the story is? Tanya. lol So, yes, the message is for me. Do you want to know what it is? Ok… here…

Archangel Raziel

“Dear Archangel Raziel, I ask that you teach me about my Higher Power, universal wisdom, and the secrets of the universe, especially as they apply to living a more peaceful life.”

You are headed on your path. There is no direction. No right way and no wrong way. You are just here, on your path. This is where you need to be. There is nothing more you need to know or remember. Except to just “be” on your path. All will unfold according to Divine plan and timing. You need not concern yourself with this right now. Right now you are at peace. Right now you know everything there is to know. Right now is life. Right now is important.

This is the dearest and greatest gift of life. To live in the present. To be in the present. The present is where all the opportunities and gateways to life and love open up. Feed this feeling in your heart. This strong, knowing, loving feeling. This feeling that keeps you here now. It is helping you do work on this planet.

Archangel Raziel awakens our knowledge of our past and the esoteric wisdom of the universe.

The one thing we have always wanted and strove for… not succeeding near as much as failing… is simply “to be”. Archangel Raziel is telling me “to be”. Just “to be” and live in the present. Why is that such a hard thing to do? It’s easy to tell someone else not to worry, stress, whatever and just live in the now and do what you need to do for you but not so easy to swallow that pill yourself. Well… I am going to take that pill. I am going to live in the present and just “be”.

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Enjoy your day and remember to take some time to just “be”.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya