The Free Spirit vs The World

Guess what! I figured out why I keep waiting and fearing the worst in my apartment… Just how long was I dealing with the threat of homelessness? With the condo it was a couple of years at least, then the first place had an unexpected ending for me, the second place, the girl who rented me a room was actually getting evicted. I found that out by accident. Her landlord stopped by and informed me. The third place, again the girl who rented to me was actually planning on moving which she did and left us there with less than 2 weeks to figure something out. That one was the worst. All of this uncertainty with my life… people playing games for their own gain with my life… how could people do that???!!!

WOW. How the fuck could people fuck other people up so easily?? My boyfriend is right, I am a free spirit and just can’t comprehend that level of slime in the population. For that same issue of having to leave where we were living so many times in about 3 years and for me they were surprises for the most part. Uhg, what an awful time. AWFUL. To have that continually happen for that period of time… Jesus no wonder I’m fearful. We even got a notice delivered by a marshall when we (me and Coco) first moved in… because we were moving and making noise after 9pm. And a couple other random things like we (my bf and I) were living there together and he isn’t supposed to be there… the funny part was he wasn’t and neither was I. It was before I even spent the night there. The angry birds (the neighbors downstairs) don’t have anything better to do but scare the bejesus out of me. They have no idea of how freaked out I was. And they never will. That got straightened out quickly when they saw the dates etc. lol But shiiiiiit. Scared the fuck out of me.

SO, can you see why we are so fucking scared all the time? We are scared ALL the time… except at night that is. Thank God/dess we figured that out… now we can work on it.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya

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  1. I hope that in time, you will be able to feel happy, secure and less afraid. I’m going through the same thing right now myself, as you know. I had no idea before the cats I and moved here, that the woman who is my roommate would be looking to move and leave us to fend for ourselves. ❤ you my friend.

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