Reorganization ~ Stage 4

I believe we have hit Stage 4. I don’t know why, but I thought stage 4 was the last stage. lol Nope. There is one more.


Reorganization and the beginning of positive emotions- Over time, the sadness stage will start to lessen, and you will begin to see a lightening of your emotions. You will start to perceive your life in a more positive light, although bouts of grief and sadness will persist.

As I was out driving today, I noticed that little things that used to tug at me in a bad way… didn’t. A street sign with the same name as one of the places I crashed at, passing an actual place we almost had to live.. this one was so bad we would have rather been homeless on the street. No shit. No lie. It was tiny, dirty, leaky and did I mention tiny and dirty. I’m talking bad beyond bad so that, yes, even you, if you had the choice of there or the street you would pick the street. Anyway… back to my point… when we would pass that place our heart would race and breath would catch in a fearful way. A way that said… Whew, that was a close one! That hasn’t happened in a long while. Now I just look at it with a tiny “whew” and remember where I am now. And I thank The Universe.

I’ve not been getting anxiety attacks now for at least a week! Yay me! High-five! I’ve also not been as depressed. Another high-five please! That tells me that we have indeed entered into Stage 4 of the 5 Stages of Grief. I’m glad.

I’m guessing that the reorganization is actually putting things in perspective. I’ve been doing that lately and it helps. I’m not sure when it started happening, but it has. For instance, the street sign is just another street with the same name… nothing to fear. It’s just a sign. Passing that nasty place, well, it’s just passing a nasty place that I don’t have to live in lol.

I am so very lucky and blessed… it feels great to bask in that!

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila