The Grief Process Works…

…on any major loss in your life. I’m proof of that. I’ve been going through the Stages of Grief here on my blog regarding my old condo and my old life, well mainly my old condo. And I will do it again regarding my mother’s passing even though it was many many moons ago – we have never let ourselves grieve. Dissociate from it, yes, actually grieve, no. And there are at least one or two more things I need to work out with this as well. *sigh* lol

All of the grief models stress that you will never fully “get over” or forget your loss. The grief process allows you to integrate the memory of your loss into a more manageable place in your psyche and heart so that you can resume a more functional and bearable existence.

Again, putting things in perspective comes to mind. I did that in my last blog post. Once I realized I was doing that without thinking about it… it was like a big huge sigh of relief. It leaves more room for the good stuff that is in my life and that is to come.

I just wanted to pop in and say that the grief process works for more than just a loss of a loved one. It’s for any major loss that you can’t get over. Whether it be a person, pet, place, lifestyle or thing… there are as many different losses in the world as there are people. Give it a try… blog about it or privately journal about it.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya