The Vagus Nerve and Weight Loss

Yea, so I am curious about this. I read a post on FB about the vagus nerve and the signals people often ignore. These signals are STOP EATING signals. What peaked my interest was the fact that one of the signals happens to me all the time. But do I stop? Nope. Didn’t know it was a signal to stop. I’m going to start paying attention to when it happens and see how much I’ve eaten or have left. And of course start training myself to stop.

I want to see if I lose any weight, or feel better or something lol. So, the signals I read about were little burps, hiccups and a runny nose. Me, I notice that there are times when I am eating and my nose starts running. I always thought it was a food allergy type thing. But after reading that post, now I am thinking that it is a signal my body is sending to me to let me know I am done eating. They say to stop eating when that happens. I’m going to go weigh myself now lol. I figure if I stop eating when my body tells me to, I will lose weight. I don’t know how much, but anything is good right!?

I would say pay attention to when you are eating to see if you have any of these signals letting you know you are done. If you do, let me know in the comments, I am curious.

So on that note…

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila

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4 thoughts on “The Vagus Nerve and Weight Loss

  1. I must watch to see if I have any of these signals. Can’t say that I have noticed any while I am eating though maybe afterwards yes. Actually at the moment, I’m feeling hungry all the time 😦 even after eating a perfectly good meal. Thank god I don’t have too much food in the house lol

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  2. I usually recommend clients to eat til they are 80% full and a sign to have reached there is when you stop feeling hungry. Liked your post though, will be experimenting with it today

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