Angel Tarot ~ Ace of Fire

Ace of Fire

An exciting new opportunity shows up in your life! Creative and inspiring career possibilities are coming into view. Now is the time to completely embrace new adventures that present themselves. Go for it! 

Innovative ideas should be enthusiastically pursued. This is as good a time as any to take risks in order to follow your dreams. If you want to change your life, do it now!

Additional Meanings of this Card:

Starting a business. Job offers or promotions. Exciting new information. Self expression. A fresh start.

Hmmm, interesting meaning for me. I was wondering about messages lately from The Universe about new opportunities. Here is one I received recently: Guardian Angel: An unexpected opportunity is about to come your way. Your first instinct may be to ignore it. Don’t. For I am sending it.” I was wondering about this and thinking “phhht” what opportunity? Then I was thinking about what my boyfriend asked me to do for him. At first I was like, nah, doesn’t interest me. Now I’m getting messages from The Universe… not just A message, so far at least 2. So I think I’ll help him and take it seriously. Well, more seriously because I know it’s important to him. Oh, were you wondering what he asked me to do? Create a website for him and some other things related to that. Anyway… I think I know what my opportunity is and I shall take advantage of it. 

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila