I’m Noticing a Pattern…

…now that the panic and anxiety has subsided some. I find it interesting and also it gives me hope that the panic and anxiety will go away totally. Right now, today, there is no anxiety, well, maybe a teeny bit lol I can’t lie. But my anxiety level is low, very low. Very different from being anxious all day every day.

I find that when the beginning of the month rolls around and the rent is due I get anxious. I don’t understand why. But I do. Even though I can always pay my rent so there is no problem there.

By the middle of the month (after my rent clears my account) my anxiety lessens each day until one day towards the end of the month it begins that uphill climb.

I’m trying to figure out why this is… I do know one thing tho, there is something that causes spikes in my anxiety… these last from minutes to hours… the Angry Birds. These bitches love to complain. Idk, I’ve given that to The Universe so I suppose I should let go of it finally, right?

Anyway, the only other thing that causes spikes in my anxiety that can lead to panic is when the emergency vehicles are in the parking lot. At least I understand why that is so maybe each time it happens it will be less panic and anxiety for me. Time to give all of this to The Universe… I am tired of dealing with it.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Missy