A Pet Peeve…

…of mine is when people send you those If you love God you must send this to 10 other people or you will have bad luck all year messages. I mean if they know me, they would know I don’t send those on or send those idiotic things in the first place. So in effect they are wishing bad luck on me. Think about it… if they send it to you and they know that you won’t send it on they are doing so knowing you probably won’t so they are wishing the bad luck on you.

IDK, they just annoy the shit out of me. I’ve posted something along these lines a couple of times just to make sure…

Please don’t take this personally, but I’m asking my FB friends not to send anymore chain letters/notes through Messenger. I DO NOT WANT THEM. This is how people are getting their accounts HACKED. Please, no flashing hearts, teddy bears or flowers telling me I need to send the message to 10 people, including me if I’m your friend, Sister etc….Many of these have been found to result in rapid widespread VIRUSES. I have not passed these messages along in the past, and won’t pass them on in the future. (Feel free to copy & paste.) Thanks in advance.

I copied and pasted from my friend’s account… so my FB peeps have no excuse and if they do send them… I won’t consider them a friend anymore and will get blocked from messenger. It seems to only work for a while lol then I have to repost something again.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila

Closing in on Stage 5

I feel as if I am tippy-toeing into Stage 5. That is a really good and comforting feeling.

The final phase of this model is to let go of your need for the loss and to move on with your life. Sadness will lessen greatly, and new interests will gradually occupy your thoughts more and more, crowding out the misery and desolation. The final stage is when you “pull your life back together”.

Usually at least the week before the rent is due, I start getting anxiety attacks. (Weird reasons that I explained in a previous blog.) However! This time I was only anxious for maybe 2 days. I’m feeling lighter and it feels so much better than feeling anxious all the time. I am blessed. All I did was breathe, trust, and let go.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila