An Interesting but Annoying Discovery

You know how I’ve been going through this 5 Stages of Grief stuff right? To just put the past where it belongs… behind me. And then up pops another altar who has fresh memories from a point in that timeline. So we go over the stages and have a talk using grounding techniques. Get that one over whatever hump they are stuck on and go on from there.

It really sucks that I have to do the same thing over and over until I run out of affected alters. The good thing is that I think they are (or most anyway) in between stages 4 and 5. So it’s like we’re bouncing around like a damn ping-pong ball. Today, right now… I can say I feel as if I have my life back. It’s a new life, a different life but it’s my life.

The fact that I never thought about my alters not all going through the stages together… ugh it annoys me. I want to be done. Move on to the next thing. Well, there is a good thing – sort of – Kiki may not think so but it gave me some relief that someone else has a reaction to something like I do. We were having a conversation and just something she said made me feel much better. I felt less alone… yes, even a multiple can feel alone.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Missy

The Norwalk Adventure

Saturday night Kiki and I usually go out or hang. This time we went out. I had a Groupon for Rio Bravo in Norwalk. It was a good one too lol. So off we went. We’d never been there before so it was going to be fun lol. We’ve gone to the other one a few times. The other one is Mucho Better in all ways. More on that in a bit.

Kiki set the GPS and turned on the music and off we went. We found it easy enough… however the parking was another story. If you’ve ever been to Norwalk… We drove around the area for 20 minutes. The reason it was so long was because the lights there are incredibly long. We’d find a spot on the other side of the street, turn around to park there and find it gone. lol 3 times that happened. We finally came across a community parking lot and parked there. Then we had to use the GPS again to figure out where Rio Bravo went. lol

A nice night for a little walk. And it was a little walk. We got to Rio Bravo, went in and were told it would be about a 10 minute wait. No biggie. Waited about 5 and we were seated. We were given menus and soon after we were brought chips and salsa. We knew what we wanted so we just glanced at the menu and then put them down in a way the server would know we were ready to order. Waiting…


Waiting. Finally what looked like the manager came over and asked us if anyone took our drink order. Nope. So he not only took our drink order but our entire order. That was nice. Usually you get your drink first but not there. Our guacamole came… the problem with that was the avocados were not good for the Top Shelf Guacamole where they make it at your table to your liking so we settled for their guacamole. It was ok but after a while I was getting killed with cilantro. I am one of those people who cannot stand that herb. And we were still waiting on our drinks…

and waiting…

so they bring the quesadillas. Now we have everything we ordered except our drinks!!!!!!!!!! To their credit the server did come over and let us know it would be a few minutes for our drinks. A few minutes? Phhht.

Finally after starting on the quesadillas they brought our drinks out. Anyway the food was ok. We won’t go there again. For a multitude of reasons. The service was terrible, the parking being another one… but then again we did end up finding a spot. We are used to parking right out front of the other one. And at the other one we do not find ourselves waiting on our drinks. We walk in and have always been treated like we were their favorite diners. Within 5 minutes we would have our drinks there and have time to enjoy while looking at the menu even tho we order the same thing every time.

The difference in the 2 restaurants is striking, from the parking to the service to the noise levels… yes, I forgot to mention the noise level at the Norwalk one. You had to almost yell to be heard there the noise level was so high. Not cool. The other one was nice and quiet and you could hear yourself think there. The service much better… Much.

Anyway, we won’t go back there to the Norwalk one. It was worth the Groupon price but not more. The food was ok but nothing like the food at the other one!!  It was a nice ride all around and we did have fun! So worth it it was!

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya