The Shadows of My Mind

I’ve noticed something interesting. Just recently and coming across a blog post that I wrote back in May of last year kind of clunked it into place. I didn’t realize what a hard time we were having until I read that. But anyway back to the something interesting. I am ‘imprinting’ over the bad year now! Putting new memories in the place of the hopeless, anxious, depressing and panic-stricken ones.

For instance I am thinking about when I first got the information that I was getting this apartment… happiness, gratefulness, hope… sunshine for the first time in a long time in the shadows of my mind. I had money then to go get basics… that was fun. I’m still missing a ton of things but it’s ok. Little by little.

That blog post at the beginning, well that one made me think that I wasn’t even thinking like that this May. Something got me thinking about the condo in Naugatuck, not the one I lost, and I realized that I must have missed Naugy when I moved into the condo I ended up losing. Those memories got imprinted over with new ones from the new living situation.

I’ve got almost a year to pull from now. I have had a home, a stable home for 11 months now. I know that there will be times of anxiety and imagined peril but I have gotten through them before and I will again. Each time easier than the last. I am blessed.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila


Angel Tarot ~ May 10

The Emperor

It’s important to cultivate logic, discipline, and order right now. This card signifies that although your dreams are valid and sound, they still need guidelines and organization so that they can manifest properly. Create a detailed plan for how you’ll proceed, and maintain kind but authoritative control over how that plan is implemented. 

Feel empowered to take a leadership role in your career and any projects you’re working on. Structure and order are your friends as you move from the preparation stage into the execution of your plans. Believe in your ability to be a positive and diplomatic leader. Get organized so that you can be more effective.

Additional Meanings:

The desire to be a success. Stability. Making wise choices. Security. Government agencies. The respect of others. Fatherhood.

Archangel Michael is the angel of strength and protection who oversees everyone’s life purpose. Call upon Michael for courage and strength as you make important and necessary life changes. He can also help you focus your logical mind and left-brain talents upon your projects.