The Shadows of My Mind

I’ve noticed something interesting. Just recently and coming across a blog post that I wrote back in May of last year kind of clunked it into place. I didn’t realize what a hard time we were having until I read that. But anyway back to the something interesting. I am ‘imprinting’ over the bad year now! Putting new memories in the place of the hopeless, anxious, depressing and panic-stricken ones.

For instance I am thinking about when I first got the information that I was getting this apartment… happiness, gratefulness, hope… sunshine for the first time in a long time in the shadows of my mind. I had money then to go get basics… that was fun. I’m still missing a ton of things but it’s ok. Little by little.

That blog post at the beginning, well that one made me think that I wasn’t even thinking like that this May. Something got me thinking about the condo in Naugatuck, not the one I lost, and I realized that I must have missed Naugy when I moved into the condo I ended up losing. Those memories got imprinted over with new ones from the new living situation.

I’ve got almost a year to pull from now. I have had a home, a stable home for 11 months now. I know that there will be times of anxiety and imagined peril but I have gotten through them before and I will again. Each time easier than the last. I am blessed.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila