Finally Kicking this Thing…

…to the curb! I’m done with these Stages! I feel good. I feel relief!! I’m not freaking out in my apartment anymore like I was. Sure there is a little anxiety here or there but it’s something I’ve come to expect at certain times. I understand it so it makes it easier to handle.

I feel more at home and that is not something I have ever said about my place. I have left the condo and the homelessness in the past where they belong. I’ve gone through all the Stages and spent as much time as necessary working on them both myself and with my therapist. I’m actually finding myself cooking voluntarily not just because I have no choice!

Here are the 5 Stages again:

  1. NUMBNESS & DENIAL-The first reaction to a loss, numbness or shock can help cushion the blow and can help you get through the initial mourning rituals. This stage can last a few hours, days, or even a few weeks.

  2. YEARNING & ANGER-The numbness wears off, and the painful realization of the loss hits full-force; you will yearn deeply for it. You may be angry and have regrets of things left unsaid or dreams never realized.

  3. EMOTIONAL DESPAIR, SADNESS & WITHDRAWAL-The storm of intense emotions of the second stage gives way to a period of heavy sadness, silence and withdrawal from family and friends.

  4. REORGANIZATION- Reorganization and the beginning of positive emotions- Over time, the sadness stage will start to lessen, and you will begin to see a lightening of your emotions. You will start to perceive your life in a more positive light, although bouts of grief and sadness will persist.

  5. LETTING GO & MOVING ON- The final phase of this model is to let go of your need for the loss and to move on with your life. Sadness will lessen greatly, and new interests will gradually occupy your thoughts more and more, crowding out the misery and desolation. The final stage is when you “pull your life back together”.

Wow what a long strange trip it’s been. I’m just glad I made it out the other side in one piece. I’m enjoying my home, I’ve planted some herbs – Basil, Parsley and Thyme! So far the Basil is coming up… I am looking forward to putting up the rest of my pictures as well as my living room curtains! And so on that note I am closing the chapter on this one and will decide what to “go through” and work through next! Stay tuned lol

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila