Trusting the Process

I’ve been thinking and realized – because of Facebook’s ‘memories’ feature – that a part of why I am feeling so much better is that it is almost a year for one, and also last year at this time I was living in the long-term motel. That was strangely fun. That is also where I was living when I got the news that I would be getting this apartment!

It’s easy to imprint a good memory over a pretty good and not so stressful memory. OMG so much easier that imprinting something good over a bad stressful time. That kind of muddies up the waters.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya

Angel Tarot ~ May 20

Page of Earth


Good news about financial matters is coming soon! Your plans move successfully forward at a steady pace. You may adopt a new interest or passion.


A youth who’s a student or who enjoys studying. Someone who can be optimistic, but still realistic about what can be accomplished. Successful. Dependable. Patient. Frugal. Trustworthy.

Additional Meanings:

Doing your research. Wisdom beyond one’s years. A return to school. Materialism.