Privacy? What Privacy?

Well, as I was falling asleep last night I realized something about this apartment. There has always been something that has kept me with a little bit of anxiety and I figure out what it was! When I lived in the condo the living room was on the second floor. The garage and laundry room were the first floor. So to answer the door we had to go downstairs. Here, the front door is right over there. (Pointing to the front door on my left. Yes, right over there.) My front door is right in my living room instead of downstairs.

That is something I need to get used to. It is a layer of privacy stripped away. That was an “Ah ha!” moment. I’m a girl who loves her privacy and I don’t like hearing foot traffic in my hall. It’s not bad, I mean I do live on the second floor. So that is a relief.

Now I just have to deal with it. What is good is I know now. I can adjust. I just don’t like a front door Right There! (Pointing again lol) I Need My Privacy. We’ll see how I do with this realization.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya