More Faces…

Last night, or I should say sometime around 3 or 4 in the morning when we went to bed… we were having a conversation. Talking to them asking for help, more about them what to do how do we do it…. It was a rough bit there… but that’s when we heard Big Mama!!! Big Mama took care of us and we drifted off to sleep.

Big Mama She’s old but doesn’t age, like a grandmother would be, she is a slightly heavy black woman with a heart of gold. There is nothing but love in her. When she comes she brings tranquility. It may take a while to calm everyone down but she gets the job done. We Love Big Mama!!! She is southern. She will sing the little ones to sleep with Amazing Grace or just hum that soothing hum of hers… wow just telling you about her is calming us even more… and I can hear her saying “mmmmHmmm child… that’s what I do!” Hands on her hips while she says this with a smirk and then she grabs us all in a great big hug… hmm think we’ll stop for now and enjoy the peace she brings us.

Well, that was interesting. (The whole part above in italic.) I wasn’t totally involved in that conversation. I believe it was started no more than 2 days ago, maybe 3 (that would be 11/19/13?) Big Mama did her part. I’m glad. I was waiting to get out of my cell. I don’t know if it was really a cell but it was dark and far away. I was just waiting. Thank God for Big Mama! Whatever she did or said did something very interesting. The reason The Body, The Watcher and well, almost the entire Collective has been so skittish and confused these past couple, few weeks is because a group was melding together. They kept hearing my name when they would ask, demand, whisper: “who’s here?” Not recognizing it they just got more confused. I bet you’re wondering when is she going to tell us who she is? Now.

Wild Thing:  This one is trouble, over the top. She gets excited and all hell can break loose. I can’t say more right now because if we write or talk about her for too long she wakes up and I ain’t got time for that! ~Diana 11/29/13

I’m Diana and I have figured out with a bunch of the others help a little bit of the map of The Collective! I really need to do a separate page about me. Not bragging or boasting… not flying through the air on a wrecking ball screaming look at meeee! Just because I’m a new evolution in The Collective. Brand new. That’s why and that is being worked on as you read… and thanks by the way for taking the time to read.  Oh, and the featured image… that is my idea of “the melding process” cool hu? ~Diana

p.s. I have my own section now so check it out if you want. As of yet, there is nothing there so when you see my name under tags you’ll know I finally got something there! ~Diana

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