Dissociation Nation

One Body

Many Minds

Many Faces

did girl




Stretched              to the           b R e a K i n g             point

chaos word



Will I be here tomorrow?

My “before”

                                                my “now”

                                                                                                  my “after” aRE unique


Others fear what they cannot comprehend

They see

We see

As hard as life makes it, we must remember

you matter

Fuck the haters.

I want to live.

~The Collective ~ (May 30, 2015)

In the Midst of Dissociation ~ Day 89 ~ Stone Cold…

…heart no more. Yup, we have some interesting things to share. I will tell you that DieAnne went to group today. All I know is that she was afraid she would get me kicked out. We have an agreement that I – Diana – would be the one coming to group every day. I guess we will find out tomorrow. It would be weird to get kicked out of a psychotherapy group for being psycho lol hehee. I remember the last 45 minutes or so, that’s it, the rest was all DieAnne. DieAnne took a bunch of notes for me and apparently she has a unique flair for drawing lol. She drew an eyeball flower. Nuff said.

It is odd that she was out for more than a few hours or so. Usually she doesn’t stay too long but since she really looked and saw Marshall a couple of weeks ago she now knows why we want to live so badly. Her stone cold heart thawed out. DieAnne is stone cold no more.

She has never ventured out before and was amazed and nervous. I’m not sure what she may have done or said but I am confidant that she behaved.

You see, DieAnne has now become a fierce protector of my life. She who wanted and planned to kill us now fights to live. She is a good one to have as a protector. Bitch is too rigid and doesn’t know how to bend. It seems almost as if she is ‘assimilating’ the protective part of Bitch? Only time will tell.

I feel more settled now. A teensey bit more relaxed knowing she is taking care of things. The only problem may be that little one who still wants to die. We have Big Mama watching over that one for now.

And on that note we will wish you well and thank you for stopping by for a bit!

~Blessed Be~
~Diana~ (April 23, 2015)