If you want a raw account of what a day in the life of a person with DID is like, you’ve come to the right place. Anything written here has been experienced by at least one of us. This is our DID experience and it may be very different or very similar to what you think of when you hear of someone with DID. Think more United States of Tara and less Sybil. I’ll admit that when a close friend told me that she was a multiple, it freaked me out. At first I was scared she was going to flip out and become who knows who but then I realized, this was someone I was close friends with and knew pretty well. It was still ‘her’ with a bonus, we both ended up with a bunch of new friends each! This was shortly before I found out I was as well and had I known prior to her sharing this with us that pang of fear would not have been there.

**Please be advised that the experiences are mine and that includes my alters. Some of what you may (probably, most likely will) read here may be hard to understand or comprehend… or even believe. Whether we are “believed” or not really doesn’t change anything because who we are is who we are and why we are like we are happened and cannot be undone.  There may be situations that deal with abuse of one kind or another so, be warned. We will do our best to put a rating on posts that need it as well as a brief comment at the beginning.** 

So, the faces beyond my reflection. There are many, you will meet some of them through their posts. I don’t have an effective map of the system as of yet so there is not an exact count. There are probably a few journals with attempts to map by different ones packed away somewhere. We just call ourselves The Collective. The ‘shell’ we live in is simply called The Body. We are co-conscious which is not something most multiples are. The Body has a name that is just a generic name that we had it legally changed to. There will be a post about that. It’s pretty fascinating even for us!

We’ve been in therapy of some sort or another for many years, mostly on and off. We have been misdiagnosed quite a few times and that is not uncommon with multiples before the actual diagnosis is realized. Some disorders can co-exist with DID making the actual diagnosis of DID harder to diagnose.

The reason(s) for doing this blog are partly to help some of them express themselves and not feel so isolated as well as maybe letting others out there know that they are not alone. (That’s funny because we are never truly alone with all the chatter inside.)

My alters will use their names if they so choose but as for any other people in our lives; those names will not be used to protect privacy. (ex: therapists, Doctors, others we know with DID, family members etc.) I’m sure you can understand.

The Faces Beyond My Reflection, hmm the reason we chose that title for this blog. Well, when The Body looks in the mirror she see’s not only The Body’s face reflected but also glimpses of the others. Not all of them, but the ones that are close. Sometimes it is impossible to look in any reflective surface because the reflection isn’t always equal to the face. With my reflection I’m on the outside looking in and in the inside looking out all at the same time and not always recognizing what is seen… think about that and multiply it.

This “about” page will be updated and probably added to now and then so stay tuned!



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