Angel Tarot ~ Aug 2

Two of Air

You’re struggling with a decision. You have conflicting emotions or thoughts about which way to move, so you’re avoiding making a choice. Intuitively, you know what to do, but, you’re afraid to act and are at an impasse. Have faith in your own wisdom and move forward!

There’s a stalemate between parties. Compromise is called for. Find an impartial mediator to forge a resolution. 

Additional Meanings:

Overanalyzing a situation. Pretending there’s no problem. Complex negotiations. Self doubt.

Angel Tarot ~ June 13

King of Air


You may receive valuable advice from an intelligent professional. It’s important that your decisions be fair and equitable to all involved. Don’t hesitate to consult a third-party, if necessary, yet speak your mind with confidence.


A person who’s at the top of his or her field, especially in an intellectual area such as law, science, or business. Someone who’s an excellent speaker and is known for the ability to be objective and diplomatic. Brilliant. Authoritative. Impartial. Professional. Balanced. Motivated.

Additional Meanings:

Justice. A mediator. Forgetting to weigh the emotional aspects of a situation. The government or the military.