Jaws, Mythbusters and Kiki

Something interesting happened last night. Kiki came over and we decided to watch some movies. We watched Chips and she wanted to watch Jaws. She has watched that movie more times than she can count lol. Me, I had seen it before a few times so I said yeah, let’s watch it.

When it began I realized I didn’t remember the beginning… so I said something about that to Kiki and then said that I will let you know when I thought the beginning was. So here we are watching the movie and I am realizing that I have no idea what I am watching. I realized that even though “I” saw Jaws numerous times it was MY first time! No wonder I had no idea of how it began. One thing I knew about Jaws was the end because Mythbusters did a show on Jaws and exploding the canister and I love Mythbusters!

Yea that’s right. We have seen all the Jaws movies and I am curious to see if we remember the others lol. Talk about wild… watching a movie you’ve seen but watching it for the first time. It was truly amazing and I can’t wait for it to happen again!!

Maybe next week Kiki and I will go for Jaws 2 and 3 lol.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya


Oh how I love surprises. NOT. Today I had 2. Count’em 1, 2.

Yea. I found out I have 2 other blogs. Not just the one I found by accident… (you can check it out Here.) Mind you, I don’t remember it. But I found a second one. I guess that makes this blog my 3rd? I hope there are no more.

These 2 blogs are buried so deep that we had no idea what the login even was. Whoever started them must either be very far away or asleep. Finally (after about 2 hours of searching, giving up and searching some more) we found an old folder on the computer and voila! found the information… even better it worked to give me access. And that’s when I found there were 2. Hell, I didn’t even know there was the one let alone an Alyss in her(e).

So, more to process. Right now everyone who was up front is stunned so it is strangely quiet inside. Nothing more to say I suppose… at least not yet. I’ve got some blog posts to read… sigh.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya