Asked for One, Got Three Instead

I am trying to make sure I stay connected through meditation, Angel messages, Reiki, Tarot… any way I can because without it I am a depressed scared stressed mess lol. No one really knows that because I can hide it well. (Well, maybe now they do lol) But anyway I asked for a message from my Angel, just one and if there was more than one message I would instinctively know which was meant for us. So, I’m meditating with the book in my hand waiting to see where my finger catches… it does, I even shook the pages a little to be sure. Finger and pages didn’t budge so one thing for sure was I had my message and my Angel. (If you’re wondering what book I am referring to you can check it out Here.)

I had asked for one and this is what I got…

Archangel Raphael often works in tandem with Archangel Michael to clear away fear and stress, which are major factors affecting health. The more you work with these archangels, the more you’ll come to trust them. In our next chapter, we’ll work with another well-known archangel: Gabriel

I guess The Universe thinks I need a lot of help lol. I never expected to have 3 archangels with me at once. Whenever I’ve done this, I get one archangel and one message… today? *PooF* 3!!

Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

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As long as I stay connected and remember that my Angels are close by I am fine and dandy… it’s just that slipping into forgetting when things get stressful… and when things get scary or stressful that is the time to remember the most!!

So on that note, I think I will put on some nice meditative background music and watch the rest of the race and relax.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila



They’re from my Pops!

Remember the seagulls from the last post? Yes? No? Ok now that we’re all caught up… the gulls came back today. I was sitting watching the sun try to rise and shine through the cloud cover and I spotted a white streak fly past my window. Of course I got up and had to see if it was just one or the whole bunch again. The bunch.

I had the deep sense of my Pops so I asked if the gulls were a sign from him to let me know in a concrete way so I could be sure. A couple of hours or so went by and I had forgotten about the sign. I walked into the bedroom and hear this whistling… over and over and over… I finally said “Ugh I can’t stand that whistl…. OoOoooooh” You see my Pops used to whistle. He couldn’t sing for shit but he could whistle! So at that point I realized THAT was the sign!

It’s so cool because I need some love even if it can’t be in person. Family love. That’s not there for me anymore (it’s complicated and I’m ok with things now) and I don’t know why but it is what it is. I have others in my life that make up for that. Thank God/dess. They know who they are 😉

So, yes, the gulls are a message from my father… it is the best feeling. I look forward to seeing more of them!

Until next time… Blessed Be… Tanya