Settling in…

…to a new life is really hard. I find myself really missing my condo and living with my son. It’s been 7 months and you’d think I’d be used to it already. lol Well, 7 months since I got my own place anyway… I did spend that year homeless. Ick. I hate thinking about it. I’m just glad I made it through with the help of my friends.

Idk, it’s just weird. I think it’s all part of just settling in. Coco has settled quite nicely. I know she is glad there is no more moving and she has more than one small room to live in. lol

Coco windowsill Ansonia

It actually makes sense because I lived with my son all his life up until he turned 28. I was always busy, either carting him around when he was younger, working (or both) or whatever but I was always busy.

Looks like it’s time to become busy again. I think I know what I am going to do so while I am thinking of it, I am going to do it.

Until next time… Blessed Be… Saila

Melding Con’t…

Yes, still in the process. It was weird today, I drove my car for the first time in a while… maybe a week or so? Usually I am the passenger lol. But I went to pick up my son and it was so strange being in the car. It was my ‘first time’ in it and driving it. Thank God/dess that this meld has been going on for a while otherwise I would have been going back in the house and asking my bf to drive for me. After a long while I was more comfortable but it was weird. I’ve had my car and been using it for almost a year now lol. Weird. Weird. Weird. But whatever, been there done that before I’m sure.

Did you ever do something ‘you’ve’ done before for the first time. That is one thing with me (and being a multiple I suppose)… I get a lot of ‘first times’ on things ‘we’ve’ done before. It’s like, I know this has been done before but for me it’s the first time! I had Diana and Missy to back me up and get me to where I needed to go. For some reason I get the impression that some things are just going to come easier to me than to them once this meld is finished.

One thing I know is that I am not changing The Body’s name legally. It’s staying the same… it’s generic and was a good pick.

I also know that I am less nervous than some of the others. That’s a really good thing. Diana or Missy would not ever deep fry anything, they are scared of the oil/heat/possibility of fire… lol. Me, I’ll try and do it the next time my bf asks me to, no biggie. I’ll take a chance. 😉

What else do I know? I’m not sure, these things just pop up and it’s an “oh wow” moment. Nothing more to report now I suppose… so,

Until next time… Namaste… Tanya