Angel Tarot ~ Aug 22

Four of Water

It’s time to reevaluate your situation, because you’re currently missing an opportunity. The solution you’re seeking is right in front of your face. Fortunately, positive forces are working to assist you now. Open your eyes to the possibilities, and accept the help that’s being offered to you. 

However, you may feel distracted or feel emotionally trapped. It’s possible that by focusing on what you don’t have, you’re taking for granted the good things that you do have.

Additional Meanings:

Discontentment. Apathy. Daydreaming. Getting lost in your own little world. Missing something. Boredom.

Angel Tarot ~ Aug 21

Ten of Fire

You’re working too hard and have put in too many hours. There’s a need to balance the professional and personal sides of your life. You’re trying to do too much. A good first step is to be willing to accept assistance from others. 

There’s hope for a successful resolution to your situation or project. However, it’s best if you cut unnecessary or burdensome activities from your schedule. Slow your pace to a more comfortable level. 

Additional Meanings:

All work and no play. Darkness before the dawn. Stress-related health problems. Obsessive behavior.