Tales Of The Mystical Cats Tarot Deck

Merry Meet! 

Here is where you can find out a little bit about the Tarot Deck I was drawn to purchase. It’s called “Mystical Cats”. Here you will find information on the cards. We will start with how they translate to the usual Tarot Deck and then add the information about each clan…

Traditional to Mystical Cats Tarot:

The Fool = The Cat

The Magician = Cat Magic

The High Priestess = The Priestess

The Empress = The Empress

The Emperor = The Emperor

The Hierophant = The Priest

The Lovers = The Lovers

The Chariot = The Chariot

Strength = Strength

The Hermit = The Hermit

The Wheel of Fortune = The Wheel

Justice = Consequences

The Hanged Man = The Floating Cat

Death = Death

Temperance = Grace

The Devil = Demon Cat

The Tower = The Tower

The Star = Stars

The Moon = Moon

The Sun = Sun

Judgement = Good Kitty

The World = The World

Wands = Fire Clan

Cups = Sea Clan

Swords = Sky Clan

Pentacles = Earth Clan

Tales of the Fire Cats:

All cats worship heat. We seek sunny spots, stretch out on the hearthstones, and curl together in warm companionship. For the cats of the Fire Clan, the flame is more than mere warmth. It is a symbol of the light that blazes within, the courageous and noble cat spirit that strives for excellence. The Fire Cats are skilled warriors when the cause is righteous and passionate lovers when they seek a mate. Bold adventurerers and visionaries, they love the dark night as much as the fire that illuminates it. Curiosity and daring often lead them into challenging situations, for they are fairly fearless.
The origins of the Fire Clan are obscured by time and legend, for Fire Cats are great spinners of exaggerated tales of prowess and conquest. They claim to be descended from the Sun Goddess herself, Sekhmet, and it is true that they have a long heritage as temple guardians and priests. The most spiritual of the clans, the Fire Cats quest for the mystical prey that feeds their soul.

Tales of the Sea Cats:

Cats and water are old friends, though of course we choose the manner in which that friendship is experienced. Some of us swim, leaping joyfully into pools far above our depths. Others will merely dabble a dainty paw or watch a sparkling fountain at play. And then there are the Sea Cats, for whom water is mother, lover, home, and happiness. Their hearts yearn for the moon-pulled movement of waves on the shore, for the music of the river’s flow, for the shimmering beauty of sunlight on a lake.
Cats of the Sea Clan are the most psychic of all cats. They know what you are thinking, and you can trust them with your secrets. Sea Cats are emotional, moody, deep and wise. Clan legend tells how Sea Cats came from a great island that was lost beneath the ocean and how some of them transformed into mercats and still dwell beneath the waves. Perhaps it is the mercats’ song that is heard when these cats gaze with dreamy eyes fixed upon only something their clan can see.

Tales of the Sky Cats:

As sharp in personality as in tooth and claw, the Sky Cats trust no one, not even their own clanmates. They live under the open sky in all seasons, suspicious of confinement and the entrapment of sheltering walls. This vulnerability has made them defensive, high-strung, and aggressive. Sky Cats are quick-witted and ruthless adversaries, and if they can’t find legitimate prey, they go looking for trouble. Some are loners, dwelling on the outskirts of the clan’s territory. Others band together in marauding gangs, bullying gentler cats who cross their swaggering path. Fights are frequent, and the mating season is ferocious.
The cats of the Sky Clan make their own laws and care nothing for public opinion. The wisest learn to master their temper and put their keen intelligence to good use. Others live short and violent lives. The Sky Clan was formed from exiles who abandoned their own clans or were forced out by their unwillingness to cooperate and live in peace. Over many generations a hierarchy was formed, their kings and queens determined by war and confirmed by heredity. No one dares challenge them now.

Tales of the Earth Cats:

Earth Cats claim to be the first of the cat clans. Whether this is so or not, it speaks to what is most important to them: history, stability, security. Earth Cats are deeply attached to their territory; once they have found that perfect spot that gives them a feeling of peace, they will not be moved. They are homebodies at heart, fond of their possessions and a good meal. Nature’s sensual delights attract them, and they interact with other animals more than the other three clans do (other than as prey).
Though Earth Cats are willing to fight if necessary for what is theirs, they are more likely to just wait out the opposition or crowd them out with a communal effort. They are clan-proud and preserve their legends, embellishing as they are passed on. But though clan comes first, Earth Cats have a generous nature that welcomes the needy and cares for the welfare of all. Kind, quiet, and comfort-loving, the Earth Cats are at home in their world.

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