What We Look Like

I figure it’s as good a time as any to show you what we look like within the system and without.



Chamille is 28, always has been always will be. She is what we call The Golden One. She can do anything. She is strong and full of positivity. Nothing but light lives in her and nothing can go wrong for her. I wish she was around more. She never needed glasses while some of the others do. Chamille is a Stand Alone. She favors denim and western boots. She is heterosexual.



Melany is 27, always was and always will be. She is the keeper of the Dark Ones. You can see the ones she cares for in this pic below.

Melany's Group

Melany’s name literally means melancholy in The System. She prefers fitted flowing clothing. Dark colors of course. She likes to be barefoot. She does a lot of walking, mainly through the forest and meadow. She needs glasses. She is a quieter one in the grand scheme of things but not in her subsystem. She is bisexual.



Natasha has a Russian accent, whether she is actually Russian or not… who knows lol. As far as I know she doesn’t even know Russian. She is now 38, she was 28. As far as I can tell, she is one of the only ones that age. She is very beautiful, sexy and in control. She doesn’t come out much but I can tell when she is around because I can hear in her accent. Definitely heterosexual.



Ah Missy. She is the “generic”. She is the legal name of The Body. She is 37 and a very pretty redhead. She took care of the name change after our divorce. We not only changed our last name, but the first name as well. Quite a few of us wanted our name to be the legal one but you can only have one legal name. lol So we all agreed on a generic name. The first name is “Missy” a generic term for a female and the last name that we picked was alias spelled backwards leading to “Saila”. She did a great job getting us settled after all that. That was almost 15 years ago. Missy is a lesbian. Here is what Missy looks like on the outside…

Music notes



Wendy. Poor thing, she feels worthless and stupid. She doesn’t like to be looked at but she is a young one, maybe 18 at the most. I’m not sure. She is ethereal and kind of floats when she walks. She does whatever she can not to be noticed. Wendy has nothing to do with the romantic issues. We don’t know what her preference is but she loves cats, especially Coco.

The Watcher

the watcher

She has no name. No age. She is just there watching. Watching everything, taking it all in. She is like our OS (Operating System), taking in and providing information. We look at our System as a computer with some of us being .exe some just .jpg. Our “folders” have sub folders. Like Melany, she is an .exe but has a few “sub folders” under her. You can see who they are by looking above at her info.



DieAnne. You can tell by her name that she is the suicidal one. She is the self harm one. She can’t stand life. It’s too hard for her. Her solution to our housing issues was last October she had a plan to slit our throat at our parents grave and then slice the achilles so we could not get help. When the depression gets too much, she comes around. Thank God/dess that she doesn’t get to come around too often. Just when things get overwhelming and that is when we call the hospital and end up under observation. We do not see suicide as a solution and we promised Marshall we would never do anything to harm his mother. DieAnne has no sexual preference and no desires either.



Heidi just likes to stay hidden. She does not want anyone to see her. She is a strong but tired warrior, she is just a teenager. Her and Wendy hang out a lot. They are part of Melany’s system. She fears being seen, afraid that she will be rejected and called names.



Diana… Well, that is not really what I look like, you can see that below. I am 37 and bisexual but lean towards women. I’ve been around holding down the fort since October 8, 2013 or 2014, I can’t remember. I know it was October 8th though. It’s a hard and demanding job and I don’t really like it but it seems I have help these past few weeks. I’m getting the job done and keeping The Body safe.

More to come at a later date… Any questions, please ask.

This is what Diana looks like in real life….

Diana 042015

And finally, me, Saila…I’ve been here since August 13th 2015… here I am:

Aug 15, 2015a

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